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Experience the LAB in Augmented Reality via ARTIVIVE 



Dip Labs is currently developing a limited NFT collectible cards #DLNFT of 60 robots that makes you part of a robotics army.




Coz, you gonna be fighting to save the country from a spy who has stolen God-level robot EgonX from Dr. Dip and is using it to steal classified information (What an idiot, wasting EgonX’s potential; even Johhny English could do that). For now, its our mission to thwart him.


Army is in the making. Come ye, join the Diapers (Coz we gotta clean up the dipshit; Dr. Dip’s shit :p) and help us bring back EgonX from the wicked hands.


Currently, EgonX is Far from Home and has No Way Home. Join the Robot Army; be a part of EgonX’s Homecoming!


elements charging.png
elements storage.png
Charging Station
Command Center
Assembly unit
Storage Station

Curious to explore the Lab ? 

Stay tuned to our Twitter & Discord pages for more updates !


Dip Army is an army of 60 unique robots leveled at OP and super OP who sit on Ethereum blockchain and are listed on for primary sales. Being part of the army is a privilege – it makes you a war hero who is fighting when national security is at stake.


#DipArmy will receive early and exclusive sneak peaks of comics, animated movies, and will play a crucial role in deciding the future of the storyline and characters. A member exclusive game is in making which will be launched soon. We have a lot of things planned which will be revealed in due course of time. Coming back to the matter at hand, first lets build the army and bring EgonX back! For now, refer to the “Activation Map” and "Drops Explained" sections for more information.


Help us build the army to bring back Egon-X, own a robot and be a part of the #DipArmy 

Untitled design (2).gif

Launching the first collection soon, Get yours from opensea



Please review our Terms and Conditions before buying the NFTs, once bought, you will be considered as you agreed to our policies


Each robot has been designed and hand drawn individually. They have been characterized uniquely based on their level, colour, power, DIP rating and robustness. There are three levels of robots: 30 OP-leveled, 30 Super OP-leveled and 1 God-leveled. Each of the 60 +1 robots is unique in its own way. For more information, refer to the "Characters" section.


What is DLNFT ?

DLNFTs are a collection of 65 collectible cards for the #DIPLABS robots. Each card is deployed with information about the robot. There are three different robot characters under each of the OP and SOP levels, and there are 10 different colour versions of each of the 3 robot characters. There will be 5 cards issued for the God leveled robot. Each of the 65 robots have a unique identification code based on the DLNFT nomenclature which has been explained below. Every DLNFT is unique, and no two cards are alike. SOP leveled cards supersede the OP leveled cards. Likewise, God leveled cards supersede both OP and SOP leveled cards.

Each of the robot characters from OP, SOP, and God level have a unique combination of DIP rating and Robustness.

Collectible Card.gif
DLNFT Nomenclature (4).png

#DLNFT - Drops Explained

Drop 1.0:


OP levelled bots collection (30 DLNFTs)
OP levelled bots will be sold for 0.05 ETH

Drop 2.0:


SOP levelled bots collection (30 DLNFTs)
SOP levelled bots will be on sale for 0.07 ETH
DLNFT owners can buy them at a discounted rate of 0.06 ETH

Drop 3.0:


GOD levelled bot collection (5 DLNFTs)
EgonX will be put up for auction. 
Bids will be accepted only from #DLNFT owners.

All DLNFTs will get AR update. Be on look out!

Drop 4.0:


3D renders of characters 
To be eligible to buy 3D renders, you have to own that particular character. Highest bidder gets the 3D render.

More update on further collections coming soon.

Diplabs Logo


Activation Map

50% of OP level bots sold:

We think you deserve a new puzzle as an appreciation for being nice and helping Mr. Dip start building the army.

100% of OP level bots sold:

Wow! We are doing great. Let's reward ourselves with a chapter of the comic since half the army is built.

50% of SOP level bots sold:

We can feel free to assume that you are crushing hard on our robot army by now. We will roll out our merch store. Show off proudly that you are part of the #DipArmy. After all war bots deserve this!

100% of SOP level bots sold:

Yay! The army is ready. We will be dropping a member-exclusive surprise anytime now!

100% of GOD level bots sold:

3D renders, amalgamated robots, Physical copies of comic, and much more coming soon.

Let the #DipArmy lead the way from now on.

Activation Map just gives a basic outline. #DipArmy and the community will pave the direction for the future of the project. Like we said, Sky is the limit! You chart the map, and we will ride the road.

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